When do classes take place? toggle

  1. Classes take place from 24th April to 27th April 2019 in Starnberg. Day of arrival with registration and get-together is on 23rd April 2019.
  2. The special Master Class course with Ana Chumachenco (Violin) takes place on 14th April 2019 at the Hotel La Villa, Niederpöcking.

Which deadlines or fixed dates are there? toggle

  1. Closing date for scholarship applications: 15th February 2019
  2. Closing date for Master Class registrations: 1st April 2019
  3. Receipt of payment until 10th April 2019
  4. Cancellation after 10th April 2019: no refund possible
  5. Arrival: 23rd April 2019 
  6. Master Class courses: 24th April to 27th April 2019

How much are the classes? toggle

  1. Regular Master-Class courses: price consists of registration fee plus course fee.
    1. The registration fee (€ 120,-) must be paid at the time of the registration – otherwise your registration can’t be processed. In case of a rejection, the fee can’t be refunded, but allows you to participate in all courses passively.
    2. The course fee of € 300,- is due until 15th April 2019. It includes the following services:
      1. Four teaching units with the particular docent.
      2. concert appearances
      3. Free entrance to the concerts taking place within the festival
  2. Special Master Class courses Ana Chumachenco:
    Course fee € 160,- plus € 40,- registration fee
  3. Bank details for the payment of fees:
    Account holder: Faviola Kreissparkasse München Starnberg
    IBAN: DE67 7025 0150 0027 5923 36

Is there the possibility to get a scholarship? toggle

  1. There is the possibility to get a scholarship. A written application for that is required together with your registration (office@musiktage-festival.com). The number of scholarships is limited. Closing date for scholarship applications is 15th February 2019.
  2. The following documents are required for your application:
    1. Motivational letter with explanatory statement
    2. Curriculum vitae with photo (min 300 dpi, max 8 MB)
    3. Recommendatory letter from your professor/teacher…

Is accommodation included in the price? toggle

  1. Accommodation is not included in the course fee. The booking of an accommodation (hotel, B&B, private accommodation) is the participant’s responsibility.
  2. In order to find an accommodation for a reasonable price, you can use the websites of the tourist association of Starnberg: www.sta5.de oder www.starnberg.de

Why do I have to upload a photo? toggle

The photo is necessary for the festival pass which proves your identity as a participant.

What does the perfect application video look like? toggle

  1. Without convincing video recordings, it is difficult for the docents to make a choice. You’re welcome to upload videos in your “private” section of YouTube so that they aren’t visible for the general public.
  2. Apart from YouTube, videos can also be uploaded at Vimeo, Dropbox or the like.

Who can I contact if I have further questions? toggle

Do not hesitate to contact the team of the ‘Musiktage’ (info@musiktage-festival.com), if you have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ-section. In order to simplify the processing and to avoid queries from our side, please always give the participant’s name and the Master Class course (instrument, professor), which you applied for.