Terms & Conditions 2024

(For the German version of the Terms & Conditions, please click here.)


By submitting your application, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully before submitting your application. The conditions are meant to ensure a frictionless process during the application and course phase of the Musiktage.


The Master Classes of the Starnberger Musiktage 2024 take place on 01.04. - 04.04.2023.

Travel day: Travel day 31.03.2022
Registration in the first course day.


1. How to apply

Please ensure that all documents are received in due time. This includes the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Links to videos or recordings
  • A photo for the festival pass
  • Payment of the registration fee

Important: Without meaningful recordings (videos), it is difficult for the professors to make a selection. You could set your videos as "private" on YouTube, so they are not publicly visible.

Please notice: Your application doesn't guarantee active participation. The professors will select active participants after evaluating the submitted applications.

2. Deadline

Registration deadline: 20th February 2024, Your application won't be considered until we received the payment of the application fee.
Confirmation of active participation: After the registrations have closed, all participants who have been selected for active participation will receive a confirmation
Payment of the course fee (active participation): payment must be received by 1st March 2024 - please only pay the course fee after you have received a conformation that you have been selected for active participation

3. Fees

Active Participation:
Application fee: 120 € (no refunds possible)
Course fee: 300 €

Passive Participation: 120€ (Students and people interested in music can join the classes passively and experience all lessons)

Cancellation after 1st March 2024: no refunds possible

Important: If the Master Classes have to be cancelled because of the pandemic, application and course fees will be fully reimbursed.

4. The Course Fee includes:

Regular Master Classes:

  • 4 lessons with the repective professor (1 lesson for the special Master Classes)
  • Live performance (Professors decide about the participants)
  • Free entry to all the concerts druting the festival

5. Attendence

All active participants have to attend during the whole duration of the Master Classes. A late arrivale or early departure is only possible exceptionally and has to be confirmed by the festival offices.

6. Schedules

The schedules are provided by the festival office and are mandatory. Changes are only possible exceptionally and have to be confirmed by the festival office.

7. Location of the Master Classes

The Master Classes will take place at these locations.

Städtische Musikschule Starnberg Mühlbergstr. 4 82319 Starnberg (Lessons)
Gymnasium, Rheinlandstraße 2, 82319 Starnberg
Schlossberghalle, Vogelanger 2, 82319 Starnberg

8. Exercises at the der Musikschule Starnberg

At the Musikschule Starnberg (Starnberg Music School) we provide rooms for exercise. Please follow these rules:

  • In all rooms, please only exercise on the carpets or with a cello board
  • The rooms are open between 8AM and 6 PM. All students must leave the facilities at 6 PM
  • We can't assume any liabilty for your instruments and property
  • Evry students has to inscibe themselves on the posted schedules

9. Concerts / Live Performances

The professors will decide about the participation at the live performances. Students aren't automatically entitled to participate.

10. Final Concert

The final concert offers the students a chance to perform in front of an audience at the Schlossberghalle (Großer Saal). The professors will decide about the participation at the concerts.

11. Accomodation / Arival

Accomodation is NOT included in the course fee. Participants are kindly asked to organize their accomdation themselves.

To find an accomodation, please try or

Travel Time from Munich Main Station with the suburban train to Starnberg: about 33 minutes. Time tables are available at

12. Grant of Rights

The Agency Faviola (Organiser of Seefeld Days of Music) will take photos, audio and video recordings during entire time of the Master Classes.
The students transfer all rights of use to the Agency Faviola, especially the right to use photographs and recordings for future promotional materials (flyers, postcards, website, social media, posters, etc.).

Walhallastr. 19,
80639 München
E-Mail (Vesna Mlakar):


Bank account:

Account holder: Faviola
Bank: Kreissparkasse München Starnberg
IBAN: DE67 7025 0150 0027 5923 36